Alex Mandel

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LT La'Shanda Renee Holmes, USCG

Sponsored by the Ancient Order of the Pterodactyls (Coast Guard Aviators)

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Karen Allina

Sponsored by the Three Rivers Ninety-Nines

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Theresa Levandoski-Byers

Sponsored by the Monterey Bay Ninety-Nines.

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George Vorovka

Sponsored by the Northeast Kansas Chapter of the Ninety-Nines.

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Fred Allina

Sponsored by the Three Rivers Ninety-Nines

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Karen Weldon

Sponsored by the New Orleans Ninety-Nines

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Lara Gaerte

Sponsored by the Three Rivers Ninety-Nines

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James Muirhead

Sponsored by Anne Muirhead

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Etta Sue Frantz

Sponsored by the Houston Ninety-Nines

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Congratulations to this year's honorees!

Suzanna Azar

Sponsored by the El Paso Ninety-Nines

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2017 Honorees

Darcy and Ken Kulesha

Sponsored by Wisconsin Chapter of the Ninety-Nines

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International Forest of Friendship

Michele Cervone

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Capt. Barrington Irving

Sponsored by the International Forest of Friendship

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Southeast Section Ninety-Nines

Sponsored by the Southeast Section Ninety-Nines

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